Nurses for Children in Care

Who are we and what do we do?

In Trafford there are two nurses who provide a specialised nursing service for Children in Care. It has been recognised that children who are in care are more likely to have unmet physical health needs than those children who are not in care. It is the aim of the nurses to ensure Children in Care in Trafford have their health needs fully met and that on independence they have the skills to meet to their own health needs.

The nurses provide a flexible approach to meeting the health needs of children in care and arrange to see children and young people in a variety of settings. The nurses also accompany or support children and young people to health appointments and work with children and young people on a one to one basis if a specific health need has been identified.

The nurses work in partnership with colleagues from Trafford CYPS, Trafford Education Department, other local authorities and independent care providers. They work together to ensure that the health needs of children in care are met in their placements by providing health assessments, supporting policy development and training Social Workers, Carers and Teachers.

The Children in Care nurses’  work is underpinned by the Healthy Care Standard,  Statutory Guidance on Promoting the Health and Well-being of Looked after Children and Every Child Matters which are founded on the belief that all children are entitled to excellent, consistent care and a care environment that will equip them with the knowledge, skills and values for life.

Every child in care is offered regular health checks. The first (Initial) health assessment is generally undertaken by a qualified paediatrician, At subsequent health reviews, six monthly for under 5s and annually for over 5s, the child/young person will be seen by the nurse or their health visitor if under 5 years. These assessments will be holistic and take into account not only the child's present health needs but also promote a future healthy lifestyle.

Health action plans are written following each health assessment. These will be part of the child's review and be monitored to ensure that all recommendations are carried out.

On reaching independence the children in care nurses work with care leavers and give them a Personal Health Record which gives them an overview of their own health, any relevant family health history and some general advice on how to access health services.

The nurses are based at:

Children in Care Service
Trafford Town Hall
Talbot Road
M32 0TH

Telephone: 0161 912 3501