30 hours free childcare

Working parents may be entitled to an extra 15 hours per week of free childcare for their 3 or 4 year old child from September 2017.  This is in addition to the 15 free hours that all children already receive. Find out if you are eligible.

The additional hours will be provided by day nurseries, childminders, pre-school playgroups, school nursery classes and out of school clubs. See the Trafford Directory for the list of providers signed up to be part of the 30 hours scheme. If your provider is not yet on this list, you need to talk to them about whether they intend to sign up for the scheme. 

Parents - how to apply

Complete these 3 simple steps to apply for your 30 hour place.

Step 1 – get your eligibility code

Parents can now check their eligibility for 30 hours free childcare using the government’s childcare service. If you are eligible, you will be provided with an 11 digit eligibility code.

Step 2 – take the code to your provider to secure your place

Take the code, your national insurance number and the national insurance of your partner if you have one to your provider. They will check that the code is valid and then will offer you a 30 hour place. If you need help finding a childcare provider, our Family Information Service will be more than happy to help.

Step 3 – complete the parent declaration 

You need to complete a parent declaration form which tells us where you will be claiming your free hours.

Providers – how to register and check codes

Providers will need to sign an agreement to be able to deliver the free entitlement.

Parents will provide their 11 digit eligibility code to their childcare provider. This must be checked by entering the parent's national insurance number and child's date of birth into a portal. As the portal is currently in the final stages of development, providers can complete our short 30 hours free childcare code checker form and the Early Education team will check the codes on their behalf.