Animal Welfare Charges

Fees And Charges 2018-2019

Animal Health Charges
Type of Licence Renewal Fee New Application Fee* 

Animal Boarding Licence (incl. homeboarding)

£144 (homeboarding £72)


Dangerous Wild Animal Licence



Dog Breeding Licence



Pet Shop Licence



Performing Animals



Riding Establishments (vets fees are recharged separately)



Zoo Licence (vets fees are recharged separately)



Vets Fees**


Vets Bill + 15%

*New Application fee reflects additional work, time and visits involved in a new premises.

New Application also applies to any relocation of premises or change of licensee.

**Fees concerned from Veterinary Inspection are recharged to the premises after the bill has been received from the vet. The vet's bill is handled separately from the licence fee and is usually received after the inspection.

Vet's bills for additional visits to Riding Establishments and Zoos during the year, to add new animals, are charged directly by the vet to the premises. The Council is not involved in the charging for these.