Bulky item collection - terms and conditions

Before you book a collection

The following terms and conditions apply to the 'Bulky Household Waste' collection service and should be read before requesting or accepting the service:

  • The service is a pre-paid service and no refunds are applicable in event that the collection cannot be carried out as a result of the actions of the client; if the items have been removed by other persons prior to the collection; or if the items have been left in a condition that prevents collection i.e. wet/heavy.
  • All items are to be accessible for collection by 6.30am on the day of collection. The service may be undertaken between the hours of 6.30am and 5pm.
  • All items are to be made available and collected from a position outside of the building but within the property boundary, for example, a driveway.
  • Access to the items must not be impeded by parked cars, locked/secured gates.
  • Wherever possible soft furnishings should be covered to prevent absorption of rainfall which will affect the weight of the items.
  • All items for collection must be listed. Unlisted items will not be removed.
  • All items must be manageable and safely manoeuvred/carried by 2 men. Excessively heavy items will be left.
  • No item should exceed the maximum lengths indicated (2 metres).
  • Heavily soiled/blood stained items must be covered to protect the operatives handling it.
  • Broken glass or similar sharp material/item is to be contained in a rigid container.
  • All exposed nails/screws are to be removed, covered or otherwise made safe.

The Council reserves the right to refuse to undertake collection if the items are not accessible or are found to be in an unsafe condition for handling. Return visits will incur an additional charge.

The Council accepts no liability for damage to private property as a direct or indirect result of the collection or any failure to collect. Residents are encouraged to minimise the potential of damage to their property.