If you are homeless or are concerned you may become homeless you should contact HOST.

If you become homeless outside of their normal opening hours, contact the Emergency Duty Team by telephoning 0800 218 2000.

Are you legally homeless?

You are legally classed as being 'homeless' if you fall into one of the categories below. If one of these situations is likely to apply to you within 28 days, then you are classed as being 'threatened with homelessness'.

  • You have absolutely nowhere to live in the United Kingdom or elsewhere, which you can legally occupy.
  • Your family has been forced to split up, as there is nowhere available where you can all live together.
  • It is not reasonable for you to stay in your home because you would be at risk of violence, abuse or harassment or serious threats of violence.
  • It is not reasonable for you to stay in your home because of extreme overcrowding, very poor state of repair, serious financial hardship or other special reason.
  • You have accommodation but cannot get into it.
  • You live in a mobile structure such as a caravan or boat and you have nowhere to park or moor it.

We can give you advice or take action to help you keep your home and can negotiate on your behalf where needed. We can also give you advice in getting alternative housing if you have to move so that this can be done in a planned way.

Our range of services includes:

  • Referral to domestic violence outreach worker.
  • A scheme to help with deposits to enable access to the privately rented sector.
  • Help and advice negotiating with private sector landlords.
  • Referral to debt and other support services.
  • Specialist advice for offenders.
  • Help and advice if you are having problems with your mortgage and face repossession..

In the event of becoming homeless, we will provide help and assistance, and if necessary arrange temporary accommodation for you while you wait to be re-housed.  We operate a 24-hour homeless service every day of the year.

You have the right to ask for a review on any homelessness decision you receive, that you do not agree with.  If you are appealing a decision, you need to do this in writing within 21 days from receiving your decision.  For details on this, please contact us and ask to speak to a Housing Options Officer. 

Please also see our Legal duties page.