Problems paying your rent

If you are struggling to keep up to date with your rent payments, you need to stop the situation from getting any worse – take action by:

  • Getting legal advice
  • Contact the Housing Benefit Team to check you are getting the right benefit entitlement or
  • Apply for Discretionary Housing Payments

Always keep your landlord informed of what is going on.

Trafford Welfare Advice, Citizens Advice Bureau, and Help With Rent can help you to sort out how to make the most of your income. They may be able to work out your money so that you can prioritise your payments.

If you have problems paying rent we suggest you talk to your landlord about the issues in an attempt to sort them out and stay in your home. You can also discuss being allowed time to find alternative accommodation and leave in a planned way. Many landlords would prefer this than having to take costly legal action.

If your arrears are caused by Housing Benefit problems the Housing Options Service can ask the Housing Benefit team to process your claim as quickly as possible and speak to your landlord to explain the situation on your behalf.

The Citizens Advice Bureau offer some good tips if you do fall behind with your rent:

  • Let your landlord know if you are having problems - don't just stop paying or missing payments
  • Make rent payments your top priority - you could lose your home if you do not pay
  • Get independent advice as soon as you realise there is a problem
  • Don't ignore court papers and court hearings - do attend court but get advice first
  • If you are suddenly out of work or unable to pay because of illness or injury get advice on benefits and other help you may be entitled to.