Council proposes to introduce 'Validation Checklist'

Trafford Council is proposing to introduce changes to procedure to improve accountability and transparency within the planning application process.

The ‘Validation Checklist’ helps developers understand what information is required when they submit planning applications to the Council.

The Checklist needs to be updated every two years, and the latest revision would enable the Council to publish viability assessments on its website alongside other planning application documents.

The proposal was given the go ahead for consultation by the council’s planning committee on Thursday. If approved, it could be key to the Council’s commitment to improve the provision of affordable housing.

Cllr James Wright, Executive Member for Investment, Regeneration and Strategic Planning,  said: “Publishing viability assessments will improve transparency and accountability in the planning process and ensure that residents and the general public understand why a particular level of financial contribution is proposed. “If the revised Checklist is adopted, the public will be able to view the detail of assessments demonstrating the financial assumptions underpinning development proposals and which justify the amount of affordable housing and other contributions which can be secured through legal agreements.”

The consultation documents will be available on the Council’s website from Monday September 17 for a period of six weeks.

Responses to the consultation should be addressed to with the title Validation Checklist Consultation.    

If no significant changes are made to the Checklist as a result of  consultation, it will be adopted by the Head of Planning.

Posted on Friday 14th September 2018