Trafford Council housing policy helps homeless

Trafford Council has updated its housing allocations policy to help support homeless people and those residents in housing need across the borough.

The Executive passed proposals to update the policy which determines the criteria by which the Council nominates households to Registered Providers, who let social and affordable rented homes in Trafford.

Families and individuals who are waiting for homes are currently placed in different bands by the Council according to their need and current situation.

From now on, applicants who have been assessed as statutory homelessness are automatically moved from Band 2 to Band 1 – giving them higher priority for affordable homes.

Councillor Kevin Procter, Executive Member for Communities and Housing, said:

The Council has updated its policy in line with national guidance, and has made other changes which seeks to help those people in severe housing need.I am full supportive of any policy which takes homeless people and families off the streets, and helps those people who are potentially facing this, or other very difficult situations.
Homelessness is a shocking problem - nobody deserves to live on the streets. We, as a Council, will do everything we can to help homeless people and those facing severe need into suitable homes. This is a massive issue which should not exist in 2019.

Others changes made to the policy by the Executive this week include:

  • Homeless applicants who are owed the 56 day Relief Duty in accordance with The Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 are placed into Band 2.
  • Homeless applicants who are owed the 56 day Prevention Duty are placed into Band 3, and then moved into Band 2 after 28 days, providing they comply with all aspects of a Personal Housing Plan.
  • The Exceptional Circumstances Award is being limited to 12 months; currently there is no limit to this award. This new rule will aim to stop people sitting on their award waiting for the ‘perfect’ property to be advertised.
  • ‘Three offer rule’ across all Bands - applications will be cancelled upon refusal of three suitable offers of accommodation, unless there is a valid reason, which will be addressed at a review/appeal process.  
  • Tenants of Registered Providers under occupying by 2 or more bedrooms will now go into Band 2, and those under occupying by 1 bedroom will be moved to Band 3.
Posted on Thursday 8th November 2018