One Trafford to cut fly-tipping removal to 10 days

The One Trafford Partnership has announced a 6-month pilot to reduce the amount of time it takes to clear fly-tipping once it has been reported.

The current service level agreement (SLA) to clear fly-tipping is at 20 working days. Following a review, the partnership is now trialling a new SLA of 10 working days. The time to clear hazardous fly-tipping remains at one hour.

The trial began on 12 June 2018 and will run for a six-month period.

Funding for an additional fly-tipping removal team has been approved for the duration of this trial. The pilot is aimed to demonstrate that the SLA can be sustainably reduced to just 10 days.

If the trial is successful, further funding may be approved to have a permanent additional team in place.

The One Trafford Partnership, a collaboration between Amey and Trafford Council, fulfil highways and facilities management services, as well as environmental services across the borough.

Last year, the One Trafford Partnership collected nearly 350 tonnes of fly-tipped waste from across Trafford. That is the equivalent weight of 60 elephants or 200 cars every year.

On average, the One Trafford Partnership collects just over 30 tonnes of fly-tipped waste and attend nearly 200 reported fly-tipping jobs every month. The average cost to Trafford to clear fly-tipping is £9,000 per month.

In addition, there are around 35 hazardous fly-tipping reports per month that require specialist equipment and expertise so that it can be safely handled and disposed of.

Executive Member for Environment, Air Quality and Climate Change, Cllr Stephen Adshead said: “Fly-tipping is a crime and such crimes pose a threat to the environment, wildlife and people in Trafford. Dumped waste can attract vermin and damage natural habitats, as well as pose a fire-hazard threat in built up areas.”

“All waste can be disposed of responsibly, even electrical goods like televisions, toaster and fridges. These items, and more, can be taken to your local household waste recycling centre or you can order a bulky waste collection if the items are too large.”

Sometimes fly-tipped waste is the result of an unregistered waste carrier. We would advise that if residents are paying somebody to take their waste, please ensure they hold a Registered Waste Carriers Licence. If they are not, you too could be fined as well as the person who dumps it.”

“If you do see someone fly-tipping, report it with details such as what you saw, how many people were involved, look out for any vehicles and its registration number, and roughly how much waste was tipped.”

Fly-tipping can be reported via or 03330 035865.

Posted on Monday 2nd July 2018