Living book sculpture to be installed in Altrincham

A sculpture depicting a living book is to be installed in Altrincham.

The 'Eudaemonium' will be located outside the new library on the site of the former Altrincham Hospital. 

The wooden and bronze sculpture is 13ft high and contains a cupboard complete with shelves and beautiful artwork.   

Artist Stephen Broadbent was commissioned to create an artwork which would symbolise the benefits the complex will provide. The library is due to open there in the near future.

Andrew Western, leader of Trafford Council, said: "The sculpture will not only look good but will also be a valuable educational tool for young people from the area. I am looking forward to seeing it on completion."  

Project manager Julia Johnson, from Broadbent Studios,  said: "We want it to bring something to the community. The concept of it is a collection of recipes, remedies and art.  The cupboard will be locked with a special key available from the library. 

"The word ‘Eudaemonium’ has been invented specifically for this sculpture, and is derived from the Ancient Greek eudaemonia which translates as happiness or welfare

The intention is for The Eudaemonium to become a “living book” that will grow as people contribute their own ideas for promoting learning. With its book-like design, The Eudaemonium is intended as a place for people to gather, relax and learn." 

The sculpture will be installed on September 12.


Posted on Tuesday 11th September 2018