Adult learners

Section 508F of the EA 1996 requires LAs to make such arrangements for the provision of free transport as they consider necessary (or as the Secretary of State may direct) for the purpose of facilitating the attendance of:

  • adults receiving education at an institution maintained or assisted by the Council and providing further or higher education or within the FE sector;
  • relevant young adults (adults aged under 25 with learning difficulties) receiving education or training at institutions outside both the further education and higher education sectors where the LA has secured the education or training and boarding accommodation under section 514A.

Eligibility for travel assistance will be assessed having regard to the adult’s assessed needs which are carried out by Trafford Social Services.  For more information on the assessment process for adults, visit the SEND Local Offer for Social Care on the Trafford Service Directory.

Please see the All Age Travel Assistance Policy for the factors that will be taken into consideration when assessing need for travel assistance.

Where there is an identified eligible need for the provision of travel assistance, as a result of the needs assessment carried out by social services, this will be organised by Trafford Travel Co-ordination Unit. 

Travel assistance for adult learners will be free of charge.